inesing groupBorn INESING S.p.A. – (INESING Group)

The two branches Inesing Emirates L.l.c and Inesing S.r.l, respectively located in Abu Dhabi and Italy, have signed on May 30th, a merger agreement with the aim of joining forces, develop new business and prepare for the new challenges of a global market. With this joint venture they consolidate their leading position in the production and marketing of electrical panels, transformers and substation equipment for offshore / onshore applications, Oil & Gas.

According to its CEO, Eng. Sami Sejdaj, “the new holding INESING Group, marks a decisive step in the expansion strategy of both companies, marking a new stage that will allow us to unite and increase synergies with the aim to increase our sales and competitiveness in the international scene. We estimate an approximate turnover of around 30 million Euros for the next 2017 “.
With the new image ” values are reinforced ” and INESING Group “establishes itself as the only international reality, distinctive and competitive in the market”

The Group – present in Italy and in Abu Dhabi through new businesses – has now a new name and a new image: Inesing S.p.A was founded in fact, a new visual identity for a group that aims to strengthen the sense of belonging of each company in an internationally unique reality, strong and competitive.
From today Inesing S.p.A will therefore be the common “sign” and distinctive one which will operate under the Group companies, Company: Inesing Emirates L.l.c – Abu Dhabi, Inesing International – Qatar, Electra Sh.p.K- Kosovo, Inesing K.O.S – Italy, Inesing Sh.p.K - Albania, Inesing Co. – Iraq.
The new brand “brings three emblematic elements, of distinctive content within the business”, the color that has always characterized Inesing, blue, to which is added the light blue color component that is seen by the West as a symbol of rebirth, and finally the use of the English language, “as a sign of a more international nature of the Group”.
The new unique imagewill common even more the Group companies in considering people at the center of their work, responding both to the needs of Members / Shareholders and Customers in diverse and innovative ways, and generating in all those who work for them a feeling of pride and belonging to ‘something unique”.
“Our leadership position, built and strengthened over time – said CEO of Inesing S.p.A – is at the root of the important evolution in Inesing, which now appears on the market as an operational reality in the Oil & Gas field, Industry, service renewable energy. Inesing is constantly expanding and operating in many countries with a total number of more than 10 branches and over 300 employees. “

“Despite the difficult economic environment of recent years, our group has always worked continuously through its company, undertaking new challenges and evolving with the aim of always maintaining the characteristics of excellence – said the president of Inesing Group Eng. Sami Sejdaj. The new visual identity will reinforce the sense of belonging of each company in a Group that has been confirmed as international united reality, strong and competitive.
With this JV we intend to renew the Group’s image in order to increase their recognition, by continuing to improve our ability to compete in national and international markets thanks to greater incisiveness and instinct. ”

The group was founded by conforming to the strong and coherent business plan that in five years has enabled Inesing to become one of the leading players in the Live Communication area. The founding member of the leading company is always Eng. Sami Sejdaj. Inesing Group already controls Inesing S.r.l and very shortly, it will take control of the subsidiaries Inesing Emirates L.l.c – Abu Dhabi, Inesing International – Qatar, Electra Sh.p.K – Kosovo, Inesing K.O.S – Italy, Inesing Sh.p.K – Albania, Inesing Co. – Iraq. (Subsidiaries guided by CEO Eng. Sejdaj).
The group will grow further in the coming months with the creation of NewCo and proceeding to more complementary and synergistic acquisitions to get to have real excellence to be put at the service of its customers.
The broad vision of Inesing Group is based on shared values ​​among all the companies that are or will be members, realities of high moral profile and strong specialization and professionalism.It is not going to be a matter of market acquisitions for economic management; the aim is to create a real pool of excellence and specialization. Inesing Group – says Eng. Sejdaj, searches opportunities that enhance the best of our business, to be more independent and therefore to provide our customers the most effective and concrete responses in terms of service, creativity and project management, with a vertical quality control. We have chosen to do a structural investment to create a range of professionality that can enter into complementary or parallel areas to those almost or only frequented until now “.
“The mission of Inesing Group – confirms Eng. Sejdaj, – it is to place itself at the service of the subsidiaries. In Inesing Group converge in fact the General services of the group, IT, Human Resources, Administration and MarCom, which will thus be centralized in order to optimize costs and create real synergies and group strategy “.
With a strong and a fully paid share capital of 500,000 Euros, Inesing Group gives solidity and value to brands that compose it and is in line with the major realities worldwide. “It was a step that we meditated for a long time – says Eng. Sejdaj, – in order to be more and more present and strongly noteworthy in the international team of Inesing.
The leading company, the subsidiaries:
Inesing Group (Inesing S.p.A.) is the leading, custodian of the institutional and moral values ​​of the subsidiaries that are part of it. It is formed with a share capital of € 500,000 fully paid by the founding partner Eng. Sejdaj – CEO.
The company has the task to manage all its subsidiaries with General Services, IT, Human Resources, Administration and MarCom, functions that are so central to optimize costs and create synergy and real strategy.
Inesing is the agency of Live Communication Group. Since 5 years on the market, today it is a reality of over 25 resources working in the field of design, creation and management of events, congresses, incentives, road shows, product launches, conventions and business meetings.
Inesing has as its mission the creation of tailor-made incentives, care and end chiseling service. Each customer, in particular has a dedicated consultant who accompanies him in the creation of customized trip, “as it was once”, with attention to the details, something impossible to be found in the incentives managed by broad structures. The leadership and the creative mind is Eng. Sejdaj.
The philosophy:
Behind the creation of Inesing Group, is the desire to permanently and authoritatively occupy a constantly changing market which has seen in the recent years profound revolutions, changes of direction, acquisitions, mergers, reversals, new creatures and old ghosts .
Inesing Group was founded with the stated aim of being an independent reality, with a vertical structure, able to respond on time and accurately to customers’ needs in various fields and with different job prospects.
The strategic vision starts from the supposition not to be chosen, but to choose the partners and the companies to be included as a brand in the group. Indeed Inesing Group is about to sign another JV with Abu Issa Holding of Qatar; The new JV marks a decisive step in the expansion strategy of both companies, marking a new stage that will allow us to unite and increase synergies with the aim of increasing our sales and competitiveness in the international scene.
The guiding idea is to look for the best opportunities on the market and put them inside an industrial project or, if opportunities are not found in the field they are sought, to build them.
Shareholders’ intent is to“expand the basket of excellence and quality values”already well-established within Inesing, whose pay off “Focus on Passion” will continue to enliven the spirit and professional lives of those who will become part of Inesing Group, being shaped and integrating with a reality that has an entrepreneurial and managerial project of great development.