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The Company INESING has matured in last years the experience, knowledge and professionalism at the highest level, consolidating its presence in the market of construction and installation of electrical systems. Strongly committed to research and technological innovation, INESING is able to deliver projects and products up to your needs.

The company’s main activities are production of Switchgears, Package Substations, Mobile Substations, design, installation, commissioning and site testing of plants and even as a system integrator providing services for the different promoted devices.

With a new and fast-growing business unit (named “Power System Solution – PSS”) INESING is offering consultancies and specialized diagnostic services to Power Plants and T&D Utilities, on transformers, generators, motors, cable and overhead lines. Both in Italy and abroad.

INESING has adequate engineering capacity and experience for providing automatic energy management systems.

INESING has also an Energy System Division which coordinates projects as a  Global EPC Contractor for  power plants (renewable and traditional energy) and substations.

INESING knows always how to provide ready and targeted answers, with the aim to solve the most specific problems of each customer. For this reason, the company avails itself of technicians and highly qualified experts able to provide projects and solutions.

INESING supports customers at every stage of approach to working: from design to installation, from the supply of electrical equipment to after-sales service. We are also qualified for production of AIS Switchgears under ABB license and production of Mobile Substations under SCHNEIDER Electric license. The attention to every detail, guaranteed by international certifications coherent with the most recent regulations, allow INESING a solid trust from the customers, destined to grow over time in accordance with the continuous changes of functional needs.

INESING has structured its headquarters in order to respond promptly to all needs of customers who recognize in the company an extremely efficient and reliable partner. For this INESING is also a wholesale warehouse of electrical equipment, able to always guarantee a complete and integrated offer of installation products at 4000 square meters of assortment, the insiders can rely on a wide and diversified range of products: from the moulded case circuit breakers to modular equipment, from cable solution to lighting systems to the lighting fixtures, etc.

INESING has implemented works in Italy and GCC offering advanced solutions to companies operating in many different industries: Local Authorities of the energy distribution, public administration, mechanical and industrial field, offshore power plants, OIL & GAS and so on. The variety of the work and the vastness of the territorial area in which INESING works have facilitated the obtaining of the most important certifications recognized at national and international level. In fact INESING owns the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 certificate issued by the certification authority Lloyd Register.

We remain at your disposal for all your needs


Eng. Sami  Sejdaj – CEO