INESING low voltage switchgear is completely designed and engineered by INESING using circuit breakers from a leader manufacturers like ABB , Siemens and Schneider.

We produce a range of low voltage switchgear type tested to IEC 61439. Using a modular system and 3D modelling tools, our engineering team are able to create a specification compliant solution for each individual project, depending on the users’ technical and physical requirements, circuit breakers can be mounted in a fixed or draw out configuration.

INESING’s Low Voltage Systems are designed to be as space and energy efficient as possible, yet ensuring highest safety, maintaining easy access for installation, operation and maintenance.


Our systems are suitable for applications in all fields concerning the generation, distribution and use of electrical energy, e. g., they can be used as:

Main and sub-distribution boards for energy and Motor current supply of Motor Control Centers

•in utility companies

•in power plants

•in oil refineries

•on off-shore drilling platforms

•in production facilities

•in sewage management

•in buildings for other than dwelling purposes.


Our system offers to the user many alternative solutions and notable advantages:

•Compact, space-saving design

•Economic energy distribution in the cubicles

•Easy project and detail engineering through standardized components

•Comprehensive range of standardized types

•Various design levels depending on operating and environmental conditions

•Easy combination of the different equipment systems, such as removable and withdrawable modules, in a single cubicle

•Arc-proof design

•Earthquake-, vibration- and shock-proof design possible

•Easy assembly without any special tools

•Easy conversion and retrofit

•Largely maintenance-free

•High operational reliability and availability

•Optimum personal protection