Medium Voltage Switchgear

General Specification MV switchgear

SV24NC & SV36MC fino a 36 kV; 3150A; 40 kA


SV24NC is the INESING S.p.A mainline global switchgear caratteristiche elettriche: 24/36 kV, 630-3150 A, 16-40 kA.General-Specification-MV-switchgear

SV24NC e SV36MC panel consists of a single unit which can be equipped with a circuit-breaker, contactor or switch-disconnector, as well as with all the accessories available for conventional switchgear units.

Approved to be used for special applications such marine, seismic, nuclear and type tested for IEC, GB/DL, GOST and CSA standards.

Units can be coupled together directly with the other products of the SV24NC e SV36MC family.

The switchgear does not require rear access for installation or maintenance, all the operations are carried out from the front.



Panel SV24NC is medium voltage switchgear with a metal enclosure, suitable for indoor installations.

Metal partitions segregate the compartments from each other and the live parts are air-insulated.

Since the switchgear is highly modular type, this make simple selection of components required by any application.

The functional units of the switchgear are guaranteed arc proof in accordance with the IEC 62271-200

All the installation, operation and maintenance operations can be carried out from the front of the unit.

The switchgear and the earthing switches are operated from the front with the door closed.

The switchgear can be back to wall installed..


The range of apparatus available for SV24NC switchgear is the most complete on the market, including:

•  withdrawable vacuum circuit-breakers with mechanical or magnetic actuator,

•  withdrawable gas circuit-breakers,

•  withdrawable vacuum contactors with fuses,

•  fixed version of switch-disconnectors.

This makes it possible to offer a single switchgear-user interface, with the same operational and maintenance procedures.

The switchgear can be fitted with instrument transformers or sensors for current and voltage measurement and protection and any type of protection and control unit.

Normal Operation Conditions

The rated characteristics of the switchgear are guaranteed under the following ambient conditions:

• minimum ambient temperature: – 5 °C

• maximum ambient temperature: + 40 °C

For different temperature ranges, please contact INESING sales representative.

• Ambient humidity:

- maximum 24 h average of relative humidity 95% RH

- maximum 24 h average of water vapour pressure 2.2 kPa

- maximum monthly average of relative humidity 90% RH

- maximum monthly average of water vapour pressure 1.8 kPa

• The normal operational altitude is up to 1,000 m above sea level. For higher altitude applications, please contact INESING sales representative.

• Presence of normal, non-corrosive and uncontaminated atmosphere.

Standard’s  applicated

StandardsThe switchgear and main apparatus contained in it comply with the following Standards:

•           IEC 62271-1 for general purposes.

•           IEC 62271-200 for the switchgear.

•           IEC 62271-102 for the earthing switch.

•           IEC 62271-100 for the circuit-breakers.

•           IEC 60071-2 for the insulation coordination.

•           IEC 60470 for the contactors.

•           IEC 60265-1 for the switch-disconnectors.

•           IEC 60529 for degree of protections.