INESING S.P.A.   CEO and chairman Eng. SAMI SEJDAJ tells how the firm is using technology to

make its products more functional, and to ensure it continues to innovate in the impending age of Inesing. samia inesing


“Technology is everywhere, and things like automation, robotics aren’t there because we like technology, but because they now dictate our business,” INESING S.P.A.   CEO and chairman Eng. SAMI SEJDAJ says.

The Italian fourth largest mobile substations producer is now intent on production of Digital Mobile Substations that can match the demands of the digital age. “We are now looking at Inesing, how we can enhance our products chain with it and remove inefficiencies. We’re currently using many innovative technologies to enhance our products, including installation of technologies for remote control. Today, customers and end users are our biggest driver for change, and the digital mobile substation solution is prioritising ways it can reduce installation times and digital control and operation from remote. We see opportunities and efficiencies through technology, so investing in it is an absolute necessity for us. We need it, and needing it means having things like artificial intelligence.”


Inesing company has been on a drive to enhance its global footprint, and technology is set to be a critical pillar in the smooth operation of its 5 companies across different countries. The global production of our companies is designated for Oil & Gas and steel production industries, cement industries. Mobile Substations production is the firm’s core business, which generates more than three quarters of its revenue, which was just announced to have hit $50 million for 2018. In 2017, Inesing production around 40 units Mobile Substations (16MVA – 25MVA -31.5MVA) across its portfolio, and its current gross capacity of 60 units is expected to rise to more than 100 units by 2020.

Eng. SEJDAJ says there are two key technological areas that the firm has prioritised and will be monitoring closely over the coming years. “We’re seeing two types of tech innovation in our industry,” he said. “Digital control systems and automation; remote control system and cybersecurity. In employing these technologies in our production, we’re also able to review their efficiencies.”

In the last 10 months, the hype around what can be achieved with digital technology has been incessant, and Eng. SEJDAJ is a clear believer that it will have a significant impact not only on Inesing, but on business at large. “Digital Technology  will bring visibility of Mobile Substations in operation like never before, and by 2020 we will produce the mobile substation which could be monitored 100% from the remote,” he says. Eng. SEJDAJ adds that, “Operation intelligence, digital mobile substations will make the function simple operation, cheaper and more productive. Digital function also has the potential to reduce process costs by 20%, maintenance by 50% and increase correct function by 20%. All this requires new skills, new jobs, so our company is creating demand for thinkers and visionaries.”

INESING has recently announced a deal with Qatar Development Bank and Abuissa Holding to jointly invest up to $30 million in the country, which will explore alternative ways of production of digital mobile substations locally. Inesing has also recently met with a range of world leaders, including Iraq prime minister, Greece prime minister and Kosovo vice prime minister to explore various trade issues and business opportunities. In Serbia, meanwhile, Inesing signed a contract with the European Bank for reconstruction and development to supply and installation of digital mobile substations with electronic processes, replicating Inesing’s successful model with Iraq Ministry of Electricity.

Complementing Eng. SEJDAJ extensive overseas work with a range of world leaders, INESING has worked to deliver a range of technology products across the globe that can benefit their localised operations in each country. The firm has delivered different mobile substations, which allows end users to control from remote complete system. Inesing’s efforts to make simple and more efficient operation with mobile substations can also be seen at its delivered digital mobile substations in the Iraq, where no staff work on the substations side. Instead, they sit in in a control room, using computers to operate the remote-controlled mobile substations.

While many organisations have made a habit of flaunting their technology ambitions and projects, Inesing technology strategy is set to be one built around necessity, and not by showpiece products or services. “We won’t produce nice-to-have technologies,” Eng. SEJDAJ says. “At the end of the day, we will only go with technologies we can deploy effectively, which will benefit our customers. Today, business opportunities come from ideas. Problems create ideas, we need IT solutions to solve those problems.”

As part of this common-sense approach, Inesing believes that jumping on the bandwagon for certain technologies is not always beneficial. “Investing in the right innovative ideas and tech solutions at the right time is part of our strategy,” Eng. SEJDAJ says. “Digital standardisation is a key component of our global strategy to ensure we’re one step ahead of modern technologies that are disrupting our sector. Delivering value to our customers is in our DNA and enables us to maintain a competitive edge.”