INESING business activity in E-House production, is focusing on developing, building and production of E-House and modular Electrical Modules for power plants.

Electrical House (e-House), is a prefabricated outdoor enclosure that can be fitted with a wide range of power equipment and components from our comprehensive MV and LV portfolio of power solutions.

As a prefabricated solution, all power supply components are pre-configured before being installed inside and ensure a high degree of functionality and reliability.

The Inesing E-House solution can be also skid or wheel mounted and is ready to operate in the field with minimum installation, commissioning and start up time – as an alternative to traditional on-site building construction.

Inesing e-House is very cost-efficient and flexible solution for constant distribution of electrical power guarantees the highest level of personal and system safety.

INESING activities in production of E-House are focused on:

. PV plants by using latest  generating technology

. IT data centers

· Wind Farm  

· Thermal Power Plants  

· Geothermal Power Plants and similar

We provide our customers with a full portfolio of services for implementing E-House installations of any size. As a general contractor, we select suitable properties and assume responsibility for all aspects of project planning and construction. To ensure maximum yields, our services also include plant operation and monitoring. Our customers can fully rely on our support for the entire duration of the project.


Top-class technical system design and high-quality components from renowned manufacturers guarantee superior systems which furnish the highest yields. We assign tasks to experienced subcontractors from various trades with whom we have already completed numerous successful projects. In addition to providing E-House which are both functional and profitable, INESING aims to design modular installations which are aesthetically and architecturally sophisticated, and free-standing systems which respect the environment and protect nature.


Our team of design and field professionals including electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, and technicians embrace each project with enthusiasm and great anticipation.

The skilled staff of the Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning group has expertise in the following technical areas:

-Analytical analyses of process

-Performance optimization

-System reliability

-Operating data monitoring and reduction

INESING S.p.A continuously pursues innovation, quality and security standards improvement and satisfaction of its constantly growing customers.